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HFG agents have a choice of Commission Plans;  'split commission' or  a 'flat fee'.  Each Commission plan allows the Agents to select what works best for themselves, while obtaining the highest level of support and technology they require for their business. 

 *   We Are a Unique Boutique Group of Realtors, Who Believe Sharing is Truly Caring About One Another’s Success.
 *   I Am a ‘Non-Compete Broker’ That Personally Supports Each Agent to Be Their Very Best For The Betterment Of The Realtors’ Business. 
*    As Your Broker, I Do Not Compete With Agents For Leads Or Business Opportunities.
 *   We Are Real Estate Specialist – Certified In Specialty Areas, And We Go Above And Beyond Typical ‘Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty’ To Our Clients.
 *   We Honor and  Adhere to NAR Code of Ethics  We Serve Our Clients With Honesty and Integrity And We Serve Our Clients Maintaining Our Fiduciary Responsibility In Every Way
 *   We Service Our Clients with the Highest Quality Standards

We Truly Believe that “It’s Our Privilege and Passion to Service Our Clients Real Estate Needs”

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